Temporary Housing, A Home Away From Home Solution

Buying a new home and selling your current house can leave you acting like a juggler. You are trying to keep all your balls in the right place while doing you fancy foot work on the ground to be everywhere you have to be. For example, if you sell you house you might have to move out of it and find another place to live while you new house is getting ready for you. You do have options, you could go surfing from couch to couch using the family and friends plan or you can stay at a costly hotel. Those options work but, they are not the best options. Keep in mind, there are still options that you could use. The other option is to learn how to find yourself temporary housing that meets your needs using real estate virtual tours.

So, which of these options would you pick? Well, if you like to keep your friends and do not want your family to disown you, the couch surfing might be out of the question. Now, if you have around $140 per night plus tax, you can find a local hotel. Keep in mind you might be stuck there for weeks or even a month or more. It all depends on several factors, many of which are out of your control. Keep in mind that you also have to buy your own food and drink, At a motel this option is not a good one because you can’t cook anything in most cases. You also can’t store too much because if they have a microwave or a refrigerator, they are small. You can always eat at the local restaurant, just keep in mind that this too is quite costly. If you are staying a month or more in a hotel, you might be able to get a cheaper rate and even a kitchenette. However, staying in a small hotel room grows old after a short while.

The solution to this problem is simple, you need temporary housing. There are some options when it comes to the area of temporary housing. You can look for what is known as corporate housing. This is often offered by a company who is helping to relocate their employees. Often they are owned or rented by a corporate office, however, do not let these words fool you. Sometimes they owners are willing to rent to just about anyone. You can also look for private housing for rent. This is homes and apartments that are for rent around the community. You might not save a truck load of money with this option, however, it might be more cost-effective depending on several factors. You will get more room for your money and it might save you money when you compare it to the hotel option.

Having said all of this, you might be able to use real estate virtual tours to see some of the options available. There are several factors that will help you to make your choice. Things like how much space you need, your location, any amenities you need and if you are single or are taking the family with you. Regardless of what you need to live in, you can find it if you look around and act quickly. Good Luck in your search.

Author: Joseph Turner

Had a brief career analyzing teddy bears in Deltona, FL. Spent two years selling pond scum in Suffolk, NY. Spoke at an international conference about creating marketing channels for bacon in Orlando, FL.

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